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StoryHarp Help System Contents

gif/cnt1.gifPlaying StoryHarp Audioventures
gif/cnt1.gifInstalling and Using Microsoft Agent
gif/cnt0.gifAuthoring Essentials
gif/cnt1.gifEssential definitions
gif/cnt1.gifExamining one rule in detail
gif/cnt1.gifA simple example audioventure
gif/cnt1.gifTop twelve tips for authoring audioventures
gif/cnt0.gifAuthoring Tutorials
gif/cnt1.gifBasic Tutorial
gif/cnt1.gifIntermediate Tutorial
gif/cnt1.gifAdvanced Tutorial
gif/cnt0.gifAuthoring Reference
gif/cnt1.gifEditing worlds
gif/cnt1.gifMaking new rules
gif/cnt1.gifEditing rules in the rule editor panel
gif/cnt1.gifReordering and reviewing rules in the table
gif/cnt1.gifOrganizing rules in the map
gif/cnt1.gifComparing rules and debugging in the browser
gif/cnt1.gifUsing the change log file to recover text
gif/cnt1.gifUndoing and redoing
gif/cnt1.gifDeleting rules
gif/cnt1.gifFinding rules
gif/cnt1.gifDebugging with the variables list
gif/cnt1.gifImporting and exporting rules
gif/cnt1.gifGenerating Java source code for applets to play StoryHarp stories
gif/cnt0.gifAuthoring Notes
gif/cnt1.gifHow is StoryHarp different from other IF systems?
gif/cnt1.gifDoes using StoryHarp require programming?
gif/cnt1.gifIs StoryHarp an object-oriented system?
gif/cnt1.gifWhy register?
gif/cnt1.gifHow do I register?
gif/cnt1.gifRegistration price and discounts
gif/cnt1.gifLicense and copyright information
gif/cnt1.gifChanging editor preferences
gif/cnt1.gifUsing StoryHarp as a player only
gif/cnt1.gifUsing an alternate settings file
gif/cnt1.gifTechnical support
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