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PlantStudio Versions and Plans Frequently-Asked-Questions List

PlantStudio has been out on the market since May 1998, and it has matured as a product. We've got lots of great word of mouth and wonderful feedback from our community of users. Many people have written thanking us for creating PlantStudio, and that warms our hearts.

Here are a few frequently-asked questions about our future plans for PlantStudio.

Are you planning to make a Mac version?
Maybe, in the future. It takes a while to pull off, at least three months of full-time development (which usually means six months). We haven't made enough money from PlantStudio to justify giving up consulting for that long yet.

Are you planning to do trees?
There are several good programs out there that do trees well, and we haven't felt the need to compete with them yet. However, we've gotten so much email about this that we may be reconsidering. It's in the wish list for PS3 and we'll see how many votes it gets. Because part of the reason we made PlantStudio is for public science education, we'll do trees in a botanically (mostly) correct way, so people can learn about tree growth with PlantStudio.

Can you add (a feature)?
We take feature requests very seriously. Visit the wish list and choose from the existing entries, or send your own. We never promise but always consider.

How many copies of PS have been distributed?
It's hard to say. By our estimation from site logs, about 35,000 copies of the various official and beta versions of PlantStudio have been downloaded. That should be divided in half because some people have upgraded or tried multiple betas, but on the other hand there have been many copies distributed on shareware CD-ROMs. So we'd put it at anywhere between 30K and 50K copies.

How many registrations have you got?
Close to 500. That's between one and three percent of downloads, which is pretty good for shareware.

Why don't you answer your emails more quickly?
If you send us a question about using PlantStudio or a problem you are having, we try to always respond within two business days. Registration codes also go out within two business days. However, for wish-list votes, suggestions, and general comments, we tend to wait longer. We do intend to answer all our email, but sometimes we get extra busy and put it off for a while, and once in a great while an email gets lost. If you haven't heard from us in two weeks, try again. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

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