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Some PlantStudio User Comments

"I spent a good deal of my weekend experimenting with Plant Studio, and I really like it alot. Thanks for creating such a terrific program, and for making it so affordable. :) "

"best regards and keep on developing your beautiful program..."

"Thank you for your handy program."

"Next to Bryce4, it is my favorite."

"Plant Studio is the best 3d plant creator/animator that I have seen. Very nice job."

One user wrote us this great poem:

This web on which I traveled
Had lots of forms of powers
On it was labelled
A galaxy of flowers

Something like a new universe
A strange world full of plants
You were their nurse
We walked around like ants

A vortex of forms and colours
The border of a forest
These lives are ours
A wonderful nest

Thank you for these files
Thank you for giving us the opportunity
To visit this isle
I say to you: "merci"

"It seems to me that you don't realize the great material you have to propose to any 3D modeler ... you should advertise on every 3D software forums !"

"An excellent example of educational expertise.... It is an excellent adjunct for general modeling, especially in the creation of scenes."

"I can't count the times I've been asked about the plants [in my images]. Some will just mention that they like them, but many ask where I got them. No matter what, I'm always glad to mention Plant Studio, as most of us involved in these 3D programs seem to readily pass on advice and aid to those struggling to find their way. "

"Just a word of praise for such an excellent program as Plant Studio. I'm a registered user, utilizing your excellent program in most of my work, which is shown in many galleries and about to be seen commerically. I pass praise of this software to any and all, hoping each who have downloaded your wares will take the time to register and pay the price, which is far cheaper than the true value of the program to be sure. In the 3D world of art, it's a dream-come-true to find inexpensive programs for developing realistic plants and trees, so I consider Plant Studio totally indespensible. I plan on getting one of the tree generators, but the cost is high and I need to compare finished work in order to make my choice as to which one. However, Plant Studio is excellent as is, able to generate an unlimited array of living plants, real and imaginary, and for a cost that is unbelievable."

"Just a quick note complementing both of you with your PlantStudio designing efforts. We like the general program concept and ease of use, very nice....We also believe the educational approach to your designing efforts are absolutely way-to-go...nice job..."

"Well, firstoff I will say that I am a pleased (liscensed!) user of v1.6....Secondarily, having downloaded and briefly sampled the Beta of v2.0, I can tell that this one, as was 1.6, is a goody. I love the new features.... I use, and will be using this work of yours in my own work....and I am pleased!"

"I have been very happy with Plant Studio, and the improvements are most welcome. Of all the 3D programs I own, Plant Studio is the only one my wife will touch. She loves it, but not as much as I do."

"Just found Plant Studio. It's really cool, and it's exactly what I need."

"I was amazed by your plug-in (I didn't even know that such tool exists!) tested the BEta and ordered it today."

"Keep on the good work, I will recommend your products to other 3D artists I know."

"I have tested a few your software (Beta2) yesterday and I imagine how it can be useful for my work in the near future !!! The number of features is incredible and I think it's possible to reach forms very close to what I need."

"I lately downloaded the program 'Plant Studio' from your homepage and I'm really impressed. Your program makes it really easy for me to create realistic plants and trees. "

"I already love this program."

"Just wanted to say I registered my downloaded copy of plant studio and think it is an amazing program..."

"Let me start off by telling you how pleased I am with your software product - Plant Studio. As a graphic artist working mainly in the 3D media, I had a lot of difficulty creating realistic plants and vegetation with conventional 3D modeling programs. Plant Studio has given me a tool that saves me hours of work and, at the same time, produces results that are far superior to anything that I was able to achieve with more expensive 3D graphics programs."

"I am impressed with the quality 3D output of your Plant Studio software."

"great software and attitude !!!"

"I just tried out your PlantStudio and I find it FANTASTIC!!"

"After using PlantStudio for just over a year, I am still enthralled with its features, ease of use and what I'm able to accomplish with it. Thanks again very much for creating such a versatile program!"

"I'm happy to have registered such a nice and honest program !! Keep up the good work !"

"Still getting the hang of PS, and there are surely many corners and capabilities to explore, but I must tell you that your program is one of the prettiest, most well conceived, most well executed, and most elegant pieces of work I have ever run into."

"beautiful, beautiful, beautiful..."

"Wanted to let you know that I've thoroughly enjoyed using PlantStudio since downloading & registering it... It's really been a botanical education. You've obviously put an enormous amount of work into its creation & into the development of some remarkably comprehensive help files. I'm very impressed by the flexibility of the program, by the degree of control the user has over every aspect of plant design."

"I would just like to compliment you on a fine piece of software. I downloaded it yesterday and was delighted with its simplicity of use, and heaps of well-thought-out functions."

"it works great, is a wonderful program smile"

"I've enjoyed using the program immensely and it appears a lot of other graphics users feel the same way. It's a great tool that is well worth the price."

"I'm looking forward to many hours exploring PlantStudio."

"May I thank you for Plant Studio 1.5!!! I have been using Pov-Ray for many years and your program has enabled me to add plants to my ray-traced pictures. A very beautiful addition."

"I have been waiting for this program. I used the demo for about 45 minutes before I decided to register it. You are to be congratulated on such an amazing piece of work. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I'm very happy to find a program that will allow me to enhance my work with realistic, beautiful plants and flowers, and which is so easy to use."

"I am quite impressed by the output and the degree of control over the creation process. I have to congratulate you, it really is a great piece of work."

"I KNOW many people are going to be really happy to find your software. I use Bryce 3D and your plant DXF files are great. I also made a lil animation of a plant and I don't do animations much but your software makes it easy and I wanted to let you know I appreciate all the work you are doing - Thanks!"

"I downloaded 1.4 and 1.5 beta yesterday and may I say straight away how impressed I am with 1.4. I will be using it to put detail onto Bryce & Terragen images to improve realism."

"Thank you for Plant Studio it is an excellent program, the best I have seen for plant modelling the wizard in particular is excellent."

"Thanks again for providing such HIGH quality software at a reasonable price."

"What an awesome program this is! It's exactly the sort of thing I've been wishing for - compact, quick, simple and yet multi-purposeful. I can see it's going to come in *very* handy for me in my artistic efforts from sketching to 3D."

"THANK YOU for a very useful program. I can draw plants and flowers in graphic programs, but they're never as detailed or accurate."

"From my perspective, I can see this program put to good use by allowing the quick addition of floral/plant accents to some of my 3D Illustrations.... It's perfect for anyone just wanting to do plant illustrations without having to go through a high learning curve to get decent results."

"[This] software may be good for students studying plants, gardeners. Would recommend it to elementary schools and high schools."

"I loaded in the wildflowers--I was blown away! I liked watching them "grow" through the Animate button."

"[I liked] The ability to create new plants, to watch plants grow, to see the relationship between parts of the plants and to watch what happens when various factors are changes such as fruit or flowers as a percent of biomass. The plant creation wizard is very good and so is the editing of plant attributes."

"The interface is good, you've obviously put a lot of time and thought into it (even the pop-up help screens are good), the program does what it claims very well, and the bottom line for me is that it's immediately fun to play in and gives me all kinds of new ideas and possibilities (it's that "oh, wow, this is neat-- hey, I could try this-- I wonder what happens when I do this-- you could do a bunch of these and combine them and then...." factor, and two hours later you're still messing around and getting ideas -- instead of "now what, so what, this is really awkward, this doesn't go anywhere"."

"It would take me forever to build a 3D plant without this program, and to be able to build many of them at different life stages, would be impossible. This program will be fantastic for that alone."

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