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PlantStudio Links

Our absolute favorite PlantStudio-related places (and people) on the web (not in any order) are:

Nigel Pickering's site has awesome gallery images and some plant models. Nigel has added over 200 PlantStudio plants - they look gorgeous - from woodland ferns to aquatic plants to grasses and flowers. Click on "Materials and Resources", then "Parameter files for PlantStudio". We really appreciate Nigel's choice to distribute his plants in PlantStudio format.

Varian's Digital Greenhouse has a wealth of information and resources for working with PlantStudio: beautiful PS plants and plant models, and tutorials for using PS plants in Vue. Amazing stuff!

The PlantStudio gallery at L.D. Skeetz' Crystal Rhinoceros web site is a wonderful use of PlantStudio-created plant models in conceptual art works. We are amazed at the creativity behind these glowing creations. Some of the images in the "Sea of Glass Bones" series incorporate original PlantStudio creations as well. The "Underground Shamans" series is also well worth a visit whether there are any PS plants in there or not!!

Guitta at Guitta's Virtual World has been a big word-of-mouth proponent of PlantStudio since nearly its beginning. Guitta has some excellent PS tutorials on the site as well as gorgeous naturalistic images. For Vue users there are also some plant downloads in the VOB format.

Drew Costigan's has plant models, some made using PlantStudio (and with great creativity, we might add), for download and for purchase on CD-ROM.

Some other sites that use or relate to PlantStudio:

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Modeling links

These are some other sites that feature visual modeling of natural surfaces and objects.

Models of natural objects

Plants and/or trees and/or organic forms Natural effects Terrain Humans If you would suggest a link to a site involving natural modeling, send email to

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