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Developers of custom software and educational simulations.
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PlantStudio Frequently-Asked-Questions List

These are questions we have received from PlantStudio users. Actually, most of the questions that were here have been moved to the help-system FAQ in your PlantStudio installation for easier access. As new questions arise between system releases, we will add them to this page first.

May I link to your site?
Certainly! We've now got a whole bunch of link buttons you can use.

I've lost my registration code!
Don't worry! Just send us a note at We're glad to re-send it anytime. Make sure you give us your full name and the email address you used when you registered PlantStudio.

I never got my registration code!
If you registered PlantStudio and have not received your registration email from us, please send us a note with the order information you received when you paid the registration fee. The number one reason people don't get their registrations is that we send them to the address given and they bounce back. On rare occasions we suffer network or connection problems or take a very short vacation and delay sending registration emails by a day or two. Give us two business days, then give us two more, then write.

Can I buy a copy of PlantStudio on CD-ROM?
No. It's only available as an evaluation download, followed by registration with a name and code we issue to you once we've received your payment.

Do you give discounts for educational or non-profit use?
No. PlantStudio is reasonably priced already.

Do you give discounts for multiple copies or offer site licenses?
Yes. If you want to register more than ten copies of PlantStudio or obtain a site license for your school or workplace, send us a note and we'll quote you a price directly. We've found that having these options on the order page just confuses people, and not many people want these, but we do offer them.

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