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Using the plant mover

The plant mover is a tool for managing plants within plant files. It has two sides: the left side and the right side. For each side of the plant mover, the top of the window shows the name of the plant file open on that side. The pencil next to the file name shows whether you have made any changes to the file. Under each file name is a list of all the plants in that file. Between the two file names is a preview of the focused plant on either side. You can only select plants in one plant file at a time. The buttons going down the middle of the plant mover operate on whichever plants are selected, on either side. Selecting plants, undoing and redoing, and working with the clipboard work the same way as in the main window.


gif/chiclet.gif Opening the plant mover

gif/chiclet.gif Making a new plant file

gif/chiclet.gif Opening a plant file

gif/chiclet.gif Closing a plant file

gif/chiclet.gif Saving a plant file

gif/chiclet.gif Selecting plants

gif/chiclet.gif Copying plants from one file to another

gif/chiclet.gif Dragging plants

gif/chiclet.gif Renaming plants

gif/chiclet.gif Duplicating plants

gif/chiclet.gif Deleting plants

gif/chiclet.gif Closing the plant mover

gif/chiclet.gif Using the plant mover as an extra undo for deletion

See also:

Selecting plants

Cutting, copying, pasting and deleting plants

Undoing and redoing

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