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Understanding the Parameters

You can get information on each parameter by looking at the parameter hint that appears when you hold the mouse over it in PlantStudio. The explanations below point out important facts that the parameter hints don't tell you and note how some parameters work together. If a parameter isn't listed in a section below, the parameter's hint is all the explanation we have for it.

We also suggest you read the help section
Understanding how the simulation works before you get into changing the parameters in depth.

Note that when we mention parameters here, we will show what section they are in first, and color them blue, like this:
General: Age at maturity.

The parameters by section:

gif/chiclet.gif General

gif/chiclet.gif A common suite of parameters for growth

gif/chiclet.gif A common suite of parameters for drawing 3D objects

gif/chiclet.gif Meristems

gif/chiclet.gif Internodes

gif/chiclet.gif Leaves

gif/chiclet.gif First leaves

gif/chiclet.gif Flowers

gif/chiclet.gif Inflorescences

gif/chiclet.gif Fruits

gif/chiclet.gif Root top

General tips on changing parameters:
Since the plant responds right away to each parameter change you make (regrowing if necessary), you can play with parameters even if you don't understand what they do. Just remember you can undo your changes.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Remember that the plant won't respond until you let up the mouse button when you are using a slider.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif You can divide parameters into two large groups: parameters that only change drawing (like colors and sizes) and parameters that change growth (like days and biomass percentages). In each parameter section, changing the parameters in the groups labeled "Drawing" and "Size" is much easier to understand than changing the parameter in the "Creation and growth" or "Timing" groups. Start with the drawing parameters first.
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif If you change a parameter and the plant doesn't seem to change, this is often because the expression of the parameter depends on another parameter. For example, if you reduce the biomass required to make a leaf (
Leaves: Optimal biomass), the plant's leaves may not respond until you also change how fast the leaf can grow (Leaves: Minimum days to grow).
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif If there is a parameter you are having a hard time with, open one of the libraries of plants that came with PlantStudio and look at the parameter you are trying to understand on each plant, one at a time. From the differences you may be able to see what the parameter does.

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