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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: units (as in measurement)

Nearly every number has a unit. If your height is "six", is it six inches, feet, or miles? These are important distinctions. Units must be considered whenever any two measurements are compared or when any calculation that depends on measurements is carried out. Each type of measurable quantity has a unit it is usually associated with, though there are sometimes competing unit systems (such as English and metric) that use different standards for measurement of the same quantities.

A unit can either be absolute, as in "I drove five miles today", or relative to another unit, as in "I drove five miles per hour today". This simulation displays values with units in groups called unit sets. Each unit set describes one type of quantity. The temperature unit set, for example, contains degrees Centigrade and degrees Fahrenheit. See the section on unit sets for a list of all the units in the unit sets.

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