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What are XYZ rotations?

Rotations in three dimensions are often spoken of in the terminology of airplane flight -- roll, pitch and yaw. When PlantStudio draws a plant, the X, Y and Z rotations of each plant stem combine to draw the stem in the right direction. If you think of each plant stem as like the long axis of an airplane,
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif X rotation is roll (clockwise or counterclockwise rotation);
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Y rotation is pitch (up or down rotation); and
gif/plantstudio00090000.gif Z rotation is yaw (rotation to the left or right).

The rotation you set for a plant determines in what direction the plant is rotated when it starts to draw (at the base of the plant). The same holds for drawing 3D objects in the 3D object editor.

When you rotate a plant or 3D object in more than one dimension, the X, Y, and Z rotations may combine in confusing ways. You will get a feeling for how to rotate plants and 3D objects the way you want after you have tried the different rotation directions for a while.

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