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Garden with Insight v1.0 Help: phase

The word "phase" as we use it here can mean two things.

1) A phase in simulation is often a period of simulated time during which some process occurs. For example, plants can have a vegetative phase (in which they produce no flowers or fruit), a reproductive phase (in which they do produce flowers and fruit), and a dormant phase (in which they do not grow). Usually the distinctions between phases are not nearly as clear cut as we simulate them to be but change over a period of time (which we ignore).

2) Alternatively, a phase can be a form of some substance when more than one form is possible. For example, water vapor, water and ice are types of H2O in its gas, liquid and solid phases. In the same way, a soil mineral can be found in several phases that represent different forms (labile, bound in organic matter, and mineral).

How it works:
plant life cycle phases
nutrient cycling

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